Spirit and Salt Mist

Spirit and Salt Mist

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While salt sprays are often associated with the beach, coconut, or summer, I see salt as a grounding substance, connected with Earth and home. 

Our latest, Spirit and Salt Mist is a gift from my home to yours. Our tinctures of Rosemary and Saw Palmetto tone the scalp and lend integrity to your locks. Alongside our other botanicals, we’ve included our local Kitkitdizze to evoke the foothills of the Sierras. This updated formula includes the hydrating superpowers of hyaluronic acid, which literally magnetized water. This extra moisture provides that wave effect without having to dip into the ocean. The scent of the spray is light, as if you laid your head down for a short nap right off the trail. On dry hair, a few mists spritzed like a halo around your head will give you a nice bit of texture and umph. On damp hair- spray down with a good dose to inspire more wave and moveable bod. 

distilled water, magnesium sulfate, vegetable glycerin*, rosemary, saw palmetto, biodynamic spirits*, kitkitdizzi^, essential oils of petitgrain* and clary sage*, hyaluronic acid
^ethically & safely wildcrafted 
4 fl oz